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Strategy manager, business coach, artist

Steve Lichtman

Life is what you make of it. Whether you want to find success in business, or your personal life, one thing remains true. You need to work hard and smart. One of the two is not enough unless average is your goal. To take that next step? It requires that extra bit of drive, energy, and magic. I live with never-ending positivity, it’s the only way I see the world around me. Thanks for coming to the site and being interested in my various works. I appreciate it.

What I Do

Sales Biology

I created Sales Biology to harness my knowledge from 20+ years in Strategic Sales and Marketing. Changing the game in how to help Business Owners and Executives; taking a no-BS, scientific approach to sales and marketing.


Started in 2018, my podcast UNHINGED with Steve Lichtman explores life as a modern day father, comedian, rocker, businessman, artist, and more. Looking at life in my own way and sharing my stories of life and beyond.


Various incarnations of blogging over the years ended up as FleeceHEAD, my puppet alter-ego. From dad blogging, to craft blogging, and finally after 8 years bouncing around I’ve kept the focus on the things I enjoy in life.


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

– george carlin


I think we have two very important missions in life. One is to find out who we really are and the other one is to taste as much of life and experience as much of life as we can.

– david coverdale


The more work I do, the more important it is to work with people I like – who are very talented.

– frank oz

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